Cuei MAD Bearings


Cuei MAD Bearings

– High-performance racing bearings.
– Classic 7-ball style, more durable.
– Easy to clean with removable shields.
– Nylon shield for minimal friction.
– Enhanced moisture resistance.

Have you ever heard the Brazilian saying "the rice and beans"? Well, it perfectly describes what our Cuei MAD Bearings are all about. These bearings seamlessly blend the timeless racing performance with a more durable 7-ball style, making them the ideal choice for skateboarders who value both quality and cost-effectiveness.

Designed with inspiration from the 608 standard, the oldest and most proven design in the skateboard industry, our bearings offer unparalleled reliability. Furthermore, they are fully customized, precise, and feature a special treatment on the balls and tracks to enhance water resistance. This means that whether you're chasing high speeds or mastering street skate tricks, Cuei MAD Bearings are ready to keep up with your session.

In addition, we've made bearing maintenance a breeze. With removable protection and a nylon shield to minimize friction, cleaning is quick and effortless.

Choose Cuei MAD Bearings and experience the perfect combination of performance, durability, and classic style.