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Race Performance Bearings


Seven-ball Classic stronger style


Nylon Cage for Minimum Friction


Greater Resistance Against Moisture


Race Performance Bearings


Seven-Ball Classic Strong Style


Nylon Cage For Minimum Friction


Greater Resistance Against Moisture

The Cuei Racetech Bushings were designed to push the boundaries when it comes to performance.

Made from an innovative material with a lot of rebound, they were created to handle the extreme, providing unparalleled stability and a unique sense of control and confidence.

Introducing the new Cuei A1 79mm

Designed for real racers who demand the best, these wheels strike in every aspect, offering unparalleled grip, acceleration, top speed, and comfort, all while providing a smooth and controlled slide.

Act fast and change the game on the track today with the Cuei A1 79mm.

The CUEI HYDROTECH Bushings are built with a STABLE material that has a superior “DEEP LEAN” so you can ride as much as possible on a TUCK POSITION.

Produced with a SELECT MIX of 3 rebound levels for 7 durometers, along with a very PRECISE FIT, they deliver a unique feel of CONTROL and FREEDOM of lines that just couldn’t be achieved before. Welcome to this new era.

These wheels were developed following the successful design of the Sliders and Big Sliders, using the same strong flat-spot resistant formula, but with more durometer options resulting in smaller and lighter wheels with insane durability.

The Cuei Killers is your wheel choice for blasting down big mountain roads and hitting your favorite race circuits.

The Cuei Steeze is an amazing all around downhill/freeride wheel. With its rounded lips and stone ground finish it is guaranteed to have a super smooth slide straight out of the package!

The new Nano Tech Skate Bearings, developed by Cuei Wheels in partnership with Minebeamitsumi, one of the largest bearing manufacturers which holds the world record (Guinness) for the smallest and most precise bearing in the world, just came to innovate and increase the quality standards of Skateboard bearings.

The new Cuei Sliders are designed especially for freeride, but are also a great choice for freestyle, cruising and dancing…

They work perfectly at any speed, increasing the freedom of your sessions.

The Free Killers have come to innovate the concept of “Free-Speed”, which is fast freeriding with complete freedom to kick out slides at any time with extreme control and ease.

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