Pack Cuei Steeze 70mm 75a, 80a, 83a – 15% OFF


Buying the Cuei Steeze Pack you get 3 sets of wheels, one of each hardness with a 15% discount

Cuei Wheels Steeze
Flow Thane Formula
80a Duro

The Cuei Steeze are an amazing all around downhill/freeride wheel.
It comes in 70mm tall with a 40mm contact patch and an offset profile.
With its rounded lips and stone ground finish this wheel is guaranteed to have a super smooth slide straight out of the package!!
Available in two different urethanes, one being the 75a Power Thane Formula (yellow) which is long lasting and offers the perfect amount of slide/grip control.
And also the 80a Flow Thane Formula (red) which has an easier release into a slide and leaves crazy amount of thane lanes on the road!!